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I'm Dan, I'm a yorkshire-born filmmaker from Wakefield.

My path to becoming a filmmaker started back when I was a child. Like most other 90s kids, I grew up watching arguably some of the best films and TV shows EVER! Along with playing some of the most iconic video games of all time.

For many years, for whatever reason I felt a little embarassed about my desire to tell stories and it wasn't until I turned 17 years old that I finally decided to embrace who I really was and pursue a career in film.

In 2012, I graduated from Sheffield Hallam University, having studied Film and Media Production and majoring in Directing.

Whilst here, I also discovered a love for production sound and subsequently went on to forge a successful business as a Production Sound Recordist, recording sound for all kinds of films, TV and media productions. Check out my Sound Recordist business here.

Shortly after graduating, I made my first independent short film, Voodoo, which was released to festivals in 2014-2015, picking up a few nominations and winning an Audience Award for Best Short Film.

In 2018, I released my second short film, Screw Loose, to festivals and later releasing online to the public.

Shortly after releasing Screw Loose, I met Jim Miskell, an independent writer/producer, who was making a film about one of my favourite video games of all time... GOLDENEYE! On the Nintendo 64. I immediately fell in love with the project and when he told me he was looking for someone to take over directing duties, I didn't hesitate to offer myself up for the job! The next thing I knew, I was suddenly directing my first feature film, Bringing Back Golden Eye.

Working with such a huge a cast and crew was a massive step up from the two short films I did, but I was confident in the role and brought my own creative ideas and flavour to the project.

Bringing Back Golden Eye will be released online in August 2021 for FREE!

Jim Miskell, the writer/producer and funder, has very kindly stated the project is non-profit, and has teamed up with The Samaritans charity to raise money for them from the release of the film. Instead of paying to buy or rent the film, anyone who wishes to support the film is encourged to donate at our Just Giving page.

After the release of Bringing Back Golden Eye, myself and Jim Miskell have big plans for the future... We work very well together and wish to continue this partnership and friendship into the future.

We are currently writing a new, original feature film which is slated to begin shooting in 2022.

Watch this space for more updates as my journey goes on!

To be continued...


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Whether it's a new project idea or you want to talk about my previous and/or upcoming work, just get in touch below, I'd love to hear from you!"

Thanks for getting in touch!

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